77 Skyline Sedan (240K GL)

The condensed into one post version.

15th October 2005

I'd been looking around for a second car, as the skyline still isn't back yet and wanted a car that i could park at work all day, and leave the skyline at home for the other half to use. (her car got written off by a P plater while her mum was driving it), also would be a bonus if it had a tow bar.

So there was this 240K that had been advertised for the last 6 months or more in the local classifieds newspaper. Was originally $1600, but more recently it had dropped to $800, but the rego was due. When I started looking for a car it had been re-registered for another 6 months, and the asking price had dropped to $750.

Makes sense to get an L6 series Datsun, as I have a few L6 engines lying around at home. So I went and took a look at it. Didn't run too well, and hadn't been driven for months. Some rust in the doors. Belonged to the womans mum, and it had a tow bar.

Anyway I bought it for $650 and drove it home.

Changed the ownership on the car, and discovered that it was registered on a pensioner licence, so i have to pay the difference. Which is annoying, but didn't feel so bad after I pulled the seat covers off.

I wanted to find out how bad the seats were under the cheap covers, and it was a nice surprise to find that they were in very good condition, with the bases re-upholstered.

Cleaned up the steering wheel, and removed the furry thing on the dash.

When I was filling out the transfer papers when I bought it I noticed it had an L28 engine. I hadn't checked, and assumed it was a L24.

Today I was having a look at it was wondering what block it had, but couldn't remember where the block type is cast, so I thought, what head has it got, I know where that is...

Guess what, it has a P90 head.

31st October 2005.

Well, replaced the French spark plugs with the correct Japanese NGK spark plugs and took the K for a drive this afternoon. It a 100% improvement. Doesn't feel like its missing on a cylinder now. Plug 5 was a bit oily, so I'll have to see how it goes after a couple of weeks of driving it.

I think the engine might be from a 280C.

4th December 2005

Holden hubcaps are gone now. I ripped them off to check the air in the tyres, and left them off. Looks better without them.

Been fixing the rust in the bottom of the doors. Which I'm just off to the garage to do some more of.

26th April 2007

Eulogy for a 240K Sedan.

Well after a year and a half of trusty service, it looks like the 240K sedan is bound for the wreckers yard in the sky.

Some electrical gremlins I cant be bothered tracking down have forced it off the road. It's also coming into winter here, and the car refuses to start in the morning if it has been raining (would start fine if it was dry).

A serious affliction of rust that had taken hold long before I bought the car. I knew that this its remaining time left on this earth would be short lived, but I bought it anyway, and enjoyed driving it.

Its passing shall not be in vain.

Parts of it will live on in a 240K coupe (i have plans for the P90 F54 combo).

Until that time, I'll have to get out in the shed and fix the 300zx turbo I bought 4 months ago.

Rest in Pieces 240K Sedan. May no-one ever tarnish your wheels with holden hubcaps ever again.

29th December 2007

So thats the story of my 240K sedan. The 300zx which is still not fixed was bought to replace it, and it will become a parts car for the Hardtop.