Mazda 808: Part 2. Work begins.

Continued from Part 1

After getting the 808 home, I started stripping it back to a shell. Then stripped the paint back to bare metal. There was surprisingly little rust.

The front panels were a bit banged up and the headlights were missing, so I ended up sourcing another 808 sedan to replace the front end.

Preparation is everything when it comes to a good paint job, so I took my time spraying high build primer/filler letting it cure and sanding it back, then repeating the process until the surface was perfect.

Next stage was to primer the entire car and paint the door jambs, undersides of panels, door hinges, nuts and bolts etc.

Then you can refit the doors and panels and paint the exterior in one go. Though, I painted the front end separately, but I don't remember why.

More following in Part 3.