1972 Datsun 240Z

I bought my 240Z in April 2003, and immediately set about restoring it. It was in fairly poor condition when I got it. Paint was cracked in places but there didn't appear to be any major rust showing through the paint.

I put the car into the garage and started stripping the car. My main aim was to remove the paint and see what sort of condition the chassis was in. Paintwork, (even bad paintwork) can hide alot of nasty surprises, but fortunately there weren't many.

I've completely disassembled the car, removed all paint back to bare metal, and removed the interior sound deadening. When the car was made, the tar mat was applied before the car was painted, so over time the car will start to rust where the mat doesn't stick to the metal too well, like the front seam of the floor pan, and the rear boot area. It's essential to remove the tar mat to check for rust. My floors were in pretty good condition, my old z was worse and needed alot of welding. This one doesn't. There are a few areas of rust that need welding.

So there the car sits in my parents garage, a stripped bare shell waiting for some attention.