The best laid plans...

Just when I was gearing up to get some work done on the cars in February, I've had to stop. I was diagnosed with appendicitis and had to have it removed, so no heavy lifting for a month. Which is a real pain since I have just bought a second manual Z31 to swap the gearbox out of into the red Z31, and had been stripping parts off the spare more

Hottest day in 2 years.

Perth recorded the hottest day in two years yesterday on Sunday the 17th. The temperature reached 42.9 degrees Celsius (109.2 degrees Fahrenheit). It was Perth's hottest day since Boxing Day 2007, when the mercury tipped 44.2C. The electricity usage record was also broken, Power consumption reached 3790 megawatts on the south west more

Old Datsun Manuals from a country town.

So a while ago I was down in Margaret River for another little break, can't say no when there's free accommodation and free wine tasting. The pasta lunch at Olio Bello is very nice too, and reasonably priced compared to the other places around that region. While down there I stopped in at a little second hand shop called "The Flying Wardrobe & more

:( :( :(

Went outside to check the mail box the other day only to find that 2 of my cars, the 240K sedan and the 300ZX had smashed side windows. The neighbours car across the road also had a smashed window. During the night some people had tried to break into them, but the people next door heard a noise and came outside and they ran off to a waiting four more

Just a little update

Washed the GTS tonight. It was very dirty. Have had the 300ZXT running. Drove it to work a couple of times last week. Brakes need bleeding, and engine needs a tune up. I'll see if I can get that done on the weekend. I have been cooped up in the one room of the house with air conditioning due to the hot weather, so not much has been happening in more