Mazda 808: Part 3. The Finished Product.

Continued from Part 2 So here's what the car looked like when finished. I stripped the engine apart and put new rings and bearings in it, just because I wanted to. Fitted some seat covers front and back to hide the shredded seats. Built a center console out of fibreboard (masonite) and covered it with vinyl. I registered it, didn't more

Mazda 808: Part 2. Work begins.

Continued from Part 1 After getting the 808 home, I started stripping it back to a shell. Then stripped the paint back to bare metal. There was surprisingly little rust. The front panels were a bit banged up and the headlights were missing, so I ended up sourcing another 808 sedan to replace the front end. Preparation is everything when more

Mazda 808: Part 1

Here's the last car that I did a full restoration job on, around 1992. It's a Mazda 808 1600 coupe. I rescued it from the abandoned car lot at the local council for the sum of $15. It was in a pretty sorry state, as you can see by the photos I took when I got it home. The plan was to rebuilt the engine, give it a nice paint job, clean up more