CSP311 Number 311 is now in Germany.

Remember the CSP311 Silvia that lay dormant in a garage in Tasmania [Link] which was bought by Rob in 2009 as a package deal to get a Honda S600, and shipped off to Melbourne. Well, Rob sold the car [link] to Michael from Sydney, who then sold the car to Thorsten of Germany in 2010, which arrived in early 2011. That's quite a journey for a ...read more

Blue CSP311 Silvia

Found this one for sale recently in Japan at nostalgiccar.com. It's been repainted and re-trimmed and is missing all its badges, and has bluebird side indicators. ...read more

Silvia number 311 is now for sale.

Rob has decided to put the CSP311 Silvia he bought earlier in the year up for sale. He originally only wanted the S600 Honda, but the seller said it was both cars or neither. Personally I think he's selling the wrong car, but I'm biased. Fingers crossed my lotto numbers come out on the weekend. Is owning 2 CSP311 Silvias being too greedy? It ...read more

CSP311 on Photobucket

I found a few photos of a Silvia being restored on phptobucket.com. Posted by a user called Sevenstock, they show some extensive metal work. Looks like they have made a fibreglass boot lid and bonnet too. Pictures here Edit: Just realised that it's the same car in the video montage I posted about a while ago. Video here ...read more

CSP311-70311 Discovered in Tasmania.

CSP311-70311 has been discovered lurking in a garage in Tasmania. Last week Rob emailed me to let me know he had found it along with a Honda S600, and that he had purchased them both. The Silvia had been bought by its previous owner as a front end damaged vehicle in 1984. It was drivable, so he drive it home to Hobart from the North of the ...read more