The old Six is back on the road

My old Datsun Super Six is now back on the road. Dean sent me a txt to let me know it had passed inspection. Here's a few more recent photos. more

Bye Bye Super 6

The Super 6 has just driven away on the back of a trailer. The new owner, Dean is going to fix it up and turn it into a weekend cruiser. Unfortunately circumstances never allowed me to do anything to it. It's time for me to sell off the other cars and get back to the 3 cars I originally intended to restore. Though, when I'll be able to start more

Bye Bye G130 #2310. Spare parts for sale.

I had to send off the spare Datsun Super Six (Cedric) chassis to the scrap metal merchants. It was taking up too much room in the shed, preventing me from getting any other cars in there to work on. I'd spend the last couple of weeks stripping most useful parts off it in my spare time. So I have some spare G130 parts for sale. Was a shame to more

Cedric 130 resurection blog

Found this the other day. Looks like someone just aquired a Special Six and this is their blog about getting it up and running again. Its all in Japanese though. blog Google translated more

Datsun 2300 Super Six (Nissan Cedric)

As previously mentioned I now have a 1969 Datsun 2300 Super Six. I spent a little time this past weekend getting the engine running. The original L23 had been replaced with an L28. That means it has a 2.8 litre engine instead of a 2.3 litre for you non-Nissan folk. The internal heater core was leaking, and so was the return fuel line. I more