Rare Datsun U320 ute on ebay

Spotted this rare 1965 Datsun U320 extra cab ute on ebay. Would be a nice car to add to the collection, but sadly the way things are going at the moment, my cars may end up joining this one for sale on ebay. From the ebay advert: DATSUN 1200 U320 EXTRA CAB UTE 1965 MODEL... BELIEVED TO BE ONLY 1000 U320s MADE WORLDWIDE. 15 WERE ...read more


First post in the new "Spotted" section, where I present photos of various interesting, well, to me at least, mostly Japanese cars. Spotted for sale on carsales.com.au was this 1964 Prince Skyline GT 2000. This car is located in New South Wales. Asking price is $13,000. I'd swap my Super 6 for this Skyline in a heartbeat, but I think the owner ...read more