Just a little update

Washed the GTS tonight. It was very dirty. Have had the 300ZXT running. Drove it to work a couple of times last week. Brakes need bleeding, and engine needs a tune up. I'll see if I can get that done on the weekend. I have been cooped up in the one room of the house with air conditioning due to the hot weather, so not much has been happening in ...read more

Update: We have ignition.

I've finally got the engine back together and running. Now I have to fix a leaking brake master cylinder before I can take it for a drive.... which involves removing it from the car, disassembling it, fitting new seals ($140), putting it back in the car, and lots of crawling around under the car bleeding the brakes. Will be a while longer ...read more

Just a little progress update

Most of the engine is back together. Just got the exhaust manifold back on. I had to remove the front three studs to get it back on, then replace the studs with the manifold in place. Theres not enough room with the studs in place because of the oil cooler pipes. Fixing a Z31 engine with it still in the car is not an easy job. But then ...read more

Blowing out the cobwebs. Part 2.

Got the 240K sedan running again on the weekend. Moved it out of the carport and got the coupe under cover. Really need to get the Z31 going and out of the shed. Spent a bit of time putting bits of the engine back together. Also went to 2008 Z Day on the 21st of September. It was a cold and rainy day, not as many S30's there as previous ...read more

New Timing Belt

Not getting as much done as I had hoped (lots of holiday distractions), but I did get the new timing belt and tensioner fitted. Also replaced the snapped exhaust studs that caused the whole tear down in the first place. That was probably a blessing in disguise. If I didn't need to remove the head to replace the studs, I'd probably never have ...read more