Blowing out the cobwebs. Part 2.

Got the 240K sedan running again on the weekend. Moved it out of the carport and got the coupe under cover. Really need to get the Z31 going and out of the shed. Spent a bit of time putting bits of the engine back together. Also went to 2008 Z Day on the 21st of September. It was a cold and rainy day, not as many S30's there as previous more

Blowing out the cobwebs.

Put a charged up battery in the K coupe today and fired her up. Then had a go at getting the K sedan running. Wouldn't start though. I'll try again Sunday. If I get time. I'll be off to the WA Z Registers Z Day on Sunday to take lots of photos for their website. more

77 Skyline Sedan (240K GL)

The condensed into one post version. 15th October 2005 I'd been looking around for a second car, as the skyline still isn't back yet and wanted a car that i could park at work all day, and leave the skyline at home for the other half to use. (her car got written off by a P plater while her mum was driving it), also would be a bonus if it had more