Front speaker replacement

March 2nd, 2010

When I got my R31, the speakers didn't sound so good, so I pulled the door trims off to investigate. The little 6x3 inch speakers had had it, so I replaced them with some round 6 inch speakers. I don't use the radio often, It's still the original Japanese frequency tape deck, which I'd only used with a tape adapter for my iPod. I gutted the original speaker mounts so the 6" speakers would fit, and soldered up the original speakers plug socket so the standard wiring would plug back on. On the rare occasion I use them, combined with the new speakers in the back, they sound a lot better.

Rear seat belt replacement

March 2nd, 2010

Since I'm stuck infront of the computer because I'm not supposed to be doing any heavy lifting, I thought I might post some of my previous handy work. When I bought my R31 GTS-X it had to have rear seat belts fitted for compliancing. They used generic belts mounted on top of the rear parcel shelf. The people that fitted them mounted them too close to the protruding speaker grills, crushing the locking mechanism resulting in the seat belt quickly becoming unusable. They are also pretty ugly. I also wanted to upgrade the speakers in the back, as the cones had deteriorated. So I pulled out the back seat to get the parcel shelf out. I used the old shelf as a template and made a new one out of MDF board. I cut out the vents and some holes for the speakers, and covered the shelf panel in black vinyl. When I was done you couldn't tell there were speakers under there. I also noticed that there were seat belt anchor points under the rear shelf. So I bought a set of rear belts from an Australian R31 sedan, thinking they would be a direct swap, but they weren't. I had to drill new mounting holes in the reel so that the belts sat below the parcel shelf. I cut off the mounting that fits to the side C-pillar of the car as I didn't intend to use it. I also got the little outlet ports that the belts come through and painted them black. I replaced the finished rear shelf panel, fed the seat belts through the slot in the shelf, and bolted the panel down with the baby seat mounts, which are also required by law. Replaced the back seat and the install looks a lot cleaner than the top mount belts.

Just a little update

January 27th, 2009

Washed the GTS tonight. It was very dirty. Have had the 300ZXT running. Drove it to work a couple of times last week. Brakes need bleeding, and engine needs a tune up. I'll see if I can get that done on the weekend. I have been cooped up in the one room of the house with air conditioning due to the hot weather, so not much has been happening in car department. Saw a nice silver 240Z out on the road this afternoon.

Some pictures of the daily

September 2nd, 2008

Long story short.... Went to look at it for sale in a car yard, decided not to buy it as it was an auto. Two days later my daily driver Honda that used to be my Dads car, then my brothers car before I got it for $300, died on the freeway home. So I went back to the yard and bought the GTS. Pictures from when I had just got it.